Monday, 4 April 2016

Exploring Brighton | 2016

Last week we went down south to explore Brighton, it was just as we imagined: cobbled laines, sea side air and all the shops you would ever need!

Have you been to Brighton?
See you soon,
Erin x

Saturday, 26 March 2016

How To Be Sure To Exercise At Least Once A Week

I don't know if it's just me but if I have to do something, like exercise, I literally do not have any motivation to do it. For example my mum says that I have to go on two runs a week, when she said this I felt like I would not be able to do this which come to think of it now is so bad. However now that I have started doing it, it is so much more easier for me to do it! So for this blog post I wanted to talk about how you can be sure to exercise at least once a week.

Firstly I feel like you need to make sure you have a plan of how and when you want to exercise. For example you might want to go running on a Monday and Thursday for 15 minutes. By doing this you will find that you will get more excited to actually exercise because you would have already planned it out.

Maybe go on a mini fitness shopping spree, everyone loves shopping, even if you say you don't I bet you secretly do. So by buying some fitness clothes it will make you want to wear them and what do you wear them for? Exercising!

Do it first thing in the morning! If you don't do it in the morning when you wake up then you will put it off till the end of the day and soon enough the evening will come along. Who wants to exercise in the evening when you could be eating a Dominoes pizza?

Do you exercise at least once a week?
See you soon,
Erin x

Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Spring Tag

Spring is here and I thought I would do a little tag about, well I don't really know what it is about, just Spring really.

Favourite Spring nail polish?
My favourite nail polish for Spring must be my Barry M 272, Shocking Pink. It is a really bright pink and is perfect for Spring time. It makes your nails stand out and the colour is so pretty!

What is your must-have lip colour this Spring?
I'm not really for bright pinks on the lips even in Spring so my favourite lip colour would be my Mac Velvet Teddy. This is a gorgeous matte lip stick that stays on all day.

What's your favourite flower?
I absolutely love roses, light pink roses. They are just so beautiful and I love the way that they look like with all the petals neatly arranged eventually ending up in the middle. 

Favourite Spring accessory?
Definitely my Pandora bracelet, I love it so much!! It just adds something to every single outfit, I would say this is my favourite accessory for all year round not just Spring.

What Spring trends are you excited for this season?
I am really liking the caps and bandanna's for your hair, and the hair rings that have suddenly made an appearance. Also I just can't wait to actually wear dresses, especially maxi dresses. When you have a dress on you feel so much more girly and happy, I love it.

Favourite perfume for Spring?
The Victor and Rolf Bon Bon perfume that came out this time last year. Not only does it have the sweetest smell ever but it comes in the cutest bottle as well, absolutely perfect for Spring.

What is Spring like where you live?
In the UK it is, surprisingly, it is actually getting quite warm. Not hot but warm, I don't think that in Spring the weather could be hot. If it did then literally everyone would go crazy!

What's your favourite thing about Spring?
The weather, of course. England have the longest period of Winter ever and when the sun starts to come out everyone always becomes so much happier. There are smiles and laughter everywhere and when I know other people are happy that makes me happy, it is contagious.

Are you a Spring cleaner?
Hmm, I'm not really a cleaner anything to be honest. I try and keep my room the cleanest I think it has to be but sorting out wardrobes and dressing tables is not high on my list.

Any plans for Spring break?
Yes, I am going to Brighton and London on the 22nd, I will already be there while you are reading this, so will definitely be taking a lot of pictures!!

See you soon,
Erin x

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Teen Talk | Breaking Bad Friendships

There will be times in your life when something will click and you will just know what you have to do. This could be from collecting a hamburger from McDonald's, revising for a test that you have left last minute or walking away from something that is not making you happy any more.

If someone is putting you down all the time then why carry on talking or being with them? As Walter White would say " I came to realise that fear is the worst of it. That's the real enemy. So get up, get out the real world. And kick that bastard as hard as you can in the teeth ". I mean I am not encouraging violence but really if someone is constantly putting you down, don't even think of wasting your time on them because they will not be worth it.

I find that it's not the fact that you can't or don't want to break the friendship but that you are too scared too. Who wants to go up to a close friend and completely end the relationship that they have? To be able to do that you need to be strong and firm, with also a lot of confidence.

If you are reading this and want to break off a bad friendship, then I say go for it now until it is too late. What would be the worst thing that could happen? Losing all your other friends, if they don't want to be friends with you because you don't want to be friends with a person that doesn't make you happy then are they your real friends? Just think of how you will feel after you have done it, proud, happy and excited. You will never what it could bring from doing it, if your heart and brain says yes, go and do it with your head held high.

Have you ever broke a bad friendship?
See you soon,
Erin x

Monday, 21 March 2016

Eyelash Dilemmas

Eyelashes are the main thing that make your eyes stand out, so when they suddenly start to fall out we all start to panic. Recently my eyelashes have started to fall out and I became really worried because I obviously didn't want no eyelashes. I started to research some tips and tricks on how to make them grow faster and make them more stronger, here is what I found.

1.) Swiping a little bit of Vaseline on your eye lid at night is supposed to make them grow quicker. I can't say that I have had any results from doing this, only the fact that now I have one more thing to do at night, but of course I am going to keep trying it. It did say that it takes a long time to actually to get good results and I have only been doing it for around two weeks so maybe it will help my eyelashes grow soon enough.

2.) Instead of rubbing your eyes with make up remover to take your eye make up off use coconut oil. This takes your mascara, eye shadow and eye liner off easier and by it having coconut in it, it will make your eyelashes much more healthier and stronger.

3.) Your diet. These few foods, if you regularly eat them, are supposed to make your eyelashes healthier as well.

  •  Apples
  • Green vegetables
  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Fish 
4.) Green tea is another home remedy that gives a boost for stronger and faster growing eyelashes. Add green tea leaves to warm water and apply this to your eyelashes, they will grow thicker and longer.

Have you got your own ways to grow your eyelashes?
See you soon,
Erin x

Sunday, 20 March 2016

50 Things To Be Happy About

1.) When you wake up at 2 am, look at your phone, and realise you still have more hours to sleep.
2.) The birds singing outside in the morning.
3.) Smelling the pages of a new book.
4.) On a weekend morning, realising that you get a lie-in.
5.) The heat hitting you as you walk off a plane in a sunny place.
6.) Watching a movie that you haven't seen in a while and remembering what happens.
7.) Taking your make up off after a long day.
8.) Cry laughing.
9.) Waking up after a nap and not being moody but feeling refreshed.
10.) Knowing that the day ahead of you is going to be a good day.
11.) Loving someone so much that when there not even there you get butterflies from thinking about them.
12.) Bubble baths, just bubble baths.
13.) Looking through baby photos of yourself.
14.) Chocolate melting in your mouth.
15.) The proud feeling that you get when you have a done a good deed.
16.) Crying into someone's arms.
17.) Laughing to yourself about a funny memory that you have just remembered.
18.) When you can't put a book down.
19.) Forgetting about all the stress that you have for a split-second.
20.) Listening to a song and instantly falling in love with it.
21.) Your feet sinking in the sand.
22.) Wrapping up in a blanket next to the fire.
23.) Visiting family.
24.) Smiling non-stop with your friends.
25.) Being able to do a question in maths.
26.) The wind blowing on your cheeks while walking in the woods.
27.) The noise of opening and closing lipsticks.
28.) Spots that don't leave marks.
29.) Babies laughing.
30.) Dancing to a song on repeat for hours.
31.) Watching a TV show and crying because you are so happy about what has happened.
32.) Finally being able to listen to your favourite singer live and realising that their voice is exactly the same as the recording of their songs.
33.) The day when luck is going your way.
34.) Getting to the top of a hill or mountain and looking at the view.
35.) Being able to love your imperfections.
36.) Having that one ice cold water that you have wanted all day.
37.) Reading a poem or story that you have wrote to someone and seeing their reaction.
38.) Having the motivation to exercise.
39.) Finding a good bargain.
40.) Walking into a room and smelling the candle that you have been burning.
41.) Midnight texts.
42.) Meeting someone new and knowing straight away that you are going to be amazing friends.
43.) The smell of fish and chips.
44.) Going somewhere with low expectations and leaving wanting to come back again.
45.) Dancing till the sun comes up.
46.) Fresh bed sheets.
47.) Serious chats.
48.) Baggy hoodies.
49.) Scents that bring back memories.
50.) And knowing that soon everything will be better.

See you soon,
Erin x

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Motivating Tips For Exam Season

Exam season is soon approaching and the strength to carry on revising is running low. So to help you all, I thought I would share a few tips that will help you keep motivated.

Prepare your study space and keep it clean. If your study space is on a desk, make sure the desk is clean and tidy. This will appeal to you more to actually sit down and study then sit down on a cluttered and dirty desk.

Make a reward system for yourself. Once you have finished answering five questions, for example, say to yourself you can have a five minute break or once writing an essay watch an episode of your favourite TV show. This will want you to do revision because you will look forward to your reward at the end.

Listen to classical music. Whenever I listen to music with words while revising I always find that I end up singing the lyrics at the top of voice pretending that I am the star of a concert, however this makes me not concentrate on my work. By listening to classical music it will not only calm you and  make you relaxed but you will be able to focus more as well.

PUT YOUR PHONE ON SILENT. This is probably one of the biggest things that will keep you motivated while revising, not looking on your phone. If you look on your phone while working it will keep you from doing your work for hours and you will be completely distracted.