Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Spring Tag

Spring is here and I thought I would do a little tag about, well I don't really know what it is about, just Spring really.

Favourite Spring nail polish?
My favourite nail polish for Spring must be my Barry M 272, Shocking Pink. It is a really bright pink and is perfect for Spring time. It makes your nails stand out and the colour is so pretty!

What is your must-have lip colour this Spring?
I'm not really for bright pinks on the lips even in Spring so my favourite lip colour would be my Mac Velvet Teddy. This is a gorgeous matte lip stick that stays on all day.

What's your favourite flower?
I absolutely love roses, light pink roses. They are just so beautiful and I love the way that they look like with all the petals neatly arranged eventually ending up in the middle. 

Favourite Spring accessory?
Definitely my Pandora bracelet, I love it so much!! It just adds something to every single outfit, I would say this is my favourite accessory for all year round not just Spring.

What Spring trends are you excited for this season?
I am really liking the caps and bandanna's for your hair, and the hair rings that have suddenly made an appearance. Also I just can't wait to actually wear dresses, especially maxi dresses. When you have a dress on you feel so much more girly and happy, I love it.

Favourite perfume for Spring?
The Victor and Rolf Bon Bon perfume that came out this time last year. Not only does it have the sweetest smell ever but it comes in the cutest bottle as well, absolutely perfect for Spring.

What is Spring like where you live?
In the UK it is, surprisingly, it is actually getting quite warm. Not hot but warm, I don't think that in Spring the weather could be hot. If it did then literally everyone would go crazy!

What's your favourite thing about Spring?
The weather, of course. England have the longest period of Winter ever and when the sun starts to come out everyone always becomes so much happier. There are smiles and laughter everywhere and when I know other people are happy that makes me happy, it is contagious.

Are you a Spring cleaner?
Hmm, I'm not really a cleaner anything to be honest. I try and keep my room the cleanest I think it has to be but sorting out wardrobes and dressing tables is not high on my list.

Any plans for Spring break?
Yes, I am going to Brighton and London on the 22nd, I will already be there while you are reading this, so will definitely be taking a lot of pictures!!

See you soon,
Erin x

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