Monday, 21 December 2015

Festive Nail Polish

I thought I would do a post on my favourite nail polish for Christmas, ..... from the brand Essie.
It is such a festive colour and looks amazing on your nails, especially in this Winter season!
The reason why I love this colour so much is because of how dark and mysterious it actually is. It is so pretty and I love it so much. It reminds me of everything to do with Christmas, Father Christmas, baubles, berries. There are so many things that could be related to the colour!

Not only is the colour sooo nice, it is really a very good product. The nail varnish glides on really well and you can get away with only putting one coat which is always a                      winner.

What's your festive nail varnish at the moment? Leave it in the comments below, I am always on the look out for new colours!

See you soon,
Love Erin x

Monday, 14 December 2015

Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit

I know when I first started wearing makeup I had no idea where to start. Should I get a concealer, foundation or a mascara first? I actually can't even remember what my first makeup product was! It's probably in the bin because it most definitely was not good at all. If you are looking on what to buy and are only just starting wearing makeup then this is the post for you. I am going to share with you a natural drugstore makeup starter kit.

The first product I would get is a BB cream. BB creams are basically just tinted moisturisers. They do not give as much coverage as foundations but are so much better for your skin. I find the Garnier BB cream is amazing and actually does give quite a good coverage. You could get a foundation but if you are a beginner with makeup then I would definitely turn to the BB creams as they are so much easier to apply and don't give off a cakey finish at all.

I actually never knew about powder until I started watching youtube, to be honest I never knew what the point of it was. However now unless I am not wearing makeup at all then I can never go without it. Rimmel Stay Matte powder is one that I would highly suggest to get. After putting on your foundation I will put this on and still by the end of the day it would have stayed on. It is not cakey on the skin at all and is the perfect powder to start off with.

You will want a concealer next and let me tell you now I have gone through so many concealers which I have either binned or just kept because I didn't want to waste them. However there are two drugstore concealers that I would definitely recommend. One is the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer which I have done a review on and Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. Wake Me Up concealer is amazing to cover up under eyes and does brighten under the eyes as well which is perfect when they are so dark in the mornings but it is not as good at covering blemishes like the Lasting Perfection concealer is. The Collection concealer has got such good coverage and covers up any spots or imperfections on your face. It really depends- if you don't have a lot of spots but bad bags under your eyes then I would go for the Rimmel concealer. On the other hand if you have some spots that you want to cover up then you should go with the Lasting Perfection.

I know when I started wearing makeup I wanted a good mascara. Maybellines Lash Sensational mascara must be one of the best drugstore masaras I have used. It lengthens, volumises and curls your lashes all at the same time. It also has a curved wand which makes it so much easier to apply (this will help you if you are not good at applying mascara) and makes sure it gets to every single eyelash even in the inner corner. If you want a good mascara that is reasonably priced then I definitely would recommend this one.

For your brows I would suggest getting an eyebrow gel. As it has some colour in the gel it makes your brows look full but not too full if you get what I mean! This is so much easier to use than a eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder. I struggle using these products still so I just stick with my trusty Maybelline Brow Drama. It gives your eyebrows an really natural look and sculpts them amazingly as well.

To contour your face a little I would get the Collection Bronze Glow bronzer. What I love about this bronzer is the fact that it has different shades to use on your face. This is so useful if you don't know what kind of colour you want your bronzer to be as it gives you range of shades to use from. Also you will find that you will have a lot of control of the product. What I mean by this is you can either choose whether you want a lot of bronzer on your face or only a little. As you put the bronzer on your face you suddenly don't find that you have tons of the product on your face and have no idea how to blend it. You can build it up as much as you like which I really love. By looking at this product as well you will be able to see that hardly of the bronzer has gone and there is still lots left.

Moving onto the lips the Maybelline lipsticks, in my opinion, are the best especially for the price. I actually find they are a great alternative to MAC lipsticks and give off the same finish. There are so many different colours as well to choose from. I would definitely start with a nude colour because nudes generally tend to suit anybody. Also for the lips I would get a lip balm as well. My favourite lip balm is carmex and I find this really helps the lips to feel soothe and gets rid of any chapped lip or dry skin.

I hope this is helped some of you to kind of know where to start with make up. Make up was such a big thing to me and I definitely had no idea of which product to buy first!
See you soon,
Love, Erin x

Yankee Candle Advent Calendar Review

I have never actually owned a beauty advent calender or another kind of calender that is not filled with chocolate so when we saw this Yankee Candle calender I knew I had to get it to just try and be different. How many times did I just say calender? Oops just said it again... Anyway we bought this probably a month ago at a Garden Centre. It has been sitting in my living room for so long making me want to open and smell each candle, never mind it was worth it!

The whole advent calender consists of 24 candles which I think is amazing as I have seen other calenders that only have 12 products that you can get. There are 23 tea light candles and 1 vanity candle that you get Christmas Eve. All of them also have little plastic holders that they all go into. I find this really helpful because then the was doesn't end up everywhere and you then don't need to go out and buy candle holders for them.

So far some of the candle scents I have had are Candy Cane Lane and Winter Glow and they smell amazing-ahhh! I just love all the scents. I won't tell you all of the scents as you still have time to buy this advent candle!!
I just love how each day I can come back from school and find out which candle I have got and then light it. Smelling the smell all night is the best thing ever and all of them so far smell so festive and christmassy. The wax usually finishes after a night of burning but if you only burn the candle for an hour each day then it would last so much longer.

I would definitely recommend this advent calender a hundred percent. The design is perfect and I love how it is a Christmas house and the candles are in windows and doors. It makes me so excited for Christmas everyday it is like a surprise every single night. Opening the little doors and experiencing the smells.

I would love to know what advent calender you have so feel free to leave it in the comments below.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer Review

On Friday I purchased the concealer that everyone raves on about, The Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer and I am so glad I did! In my opinion the two best drugstore concealers are The Collection Long Lasting Perfection Concealer and The Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. Long Lasting Perfection has such high coverage on blemishes or redness on the skin and Wake Me Up is perfect for under eyes, when you have those horrible dark circles in the morning. 

The packaging is not the best, it's better than other concealers I have seen but it could be prettier. I got it for £5.49 which I think is a bargain for how good it is and in the shade Classic Beige. This is the quite a dark shade compared to the others but I am not naturally pale so the others would have just been to light. 

I do have quite bad under eye circles, they are not severely bad but you can still see them in the morning. This concealer covers and brightens under my eyes, it definitely makes me look more awake in the morning. Also it doesn't make your skin cakey at all and sets amazing with powder. 

I would definitely give this concealer 4 stars out of 5 and would recommend this product!
I would love to see if anyone else has used this concealer as well and what they thought about so if you have leave it in the comments below! See you soon, Erin x

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Christmas Gift Guide for Girls (TK Maxx)

Christmas is soon on the way and it is now time to figure out what presents you are going to get for your family and friends. I took a trip to TK Maxx and found that they had amazing presents for really good prices! The presents I got were for my mum but they could be for any girls between 13 and above.

Firstly I got a set that included foot lotion and some fluffy socks. It was in a box shaped like a Christmas Cracker and it was only £3.99!! It doesn't look cheap at all either, in my opinion it looks like something you could get a Boots for £10 or even £15 so it was a bargain.

It is so cute and I think its perfect for mothers and grandmothers.

The second gift I got was nail varnishes, a big set of 6 nail varnishes. They are such pretty and christmassy colours. If I got these I would be so happy!

The colours are Black Frost, Pink Frost, Grey Frost, Red Frost, Ruby Frost and White Frost. This would be amazing little present for someone's stocking. I like how they are not just any colours but are Christmas colours. You could wear it all winter long...

My mum did say that she wanted some more makeup so I went to the beauty section and I found a Max Factor makeup set. 

It includes four shades of eye shadow which are neutral colours, a blush and a bronzer and a pink lip gloss. I love how for £5.99 you get all this! Max Factor is such a good brand as well and in other stores probably one eye shadow palette would cost £5.99! 

This is probably the most cutest present I got. I was just about to pay for everything when I saw a hot chocolate pack. It had two little candy canes on the handle and inside it said it came with a hot chocolate mix and marshmallows. 

It is perfect for the end of Christmas Day to get all cosy. I think it is so cute and just looks so good. No doubt I will be making a hot chocolate from this as well!

TK Maxx really does have some amazing gift for girls and boys at the moment, I would really check it out if you wanted to get some gifts for peoples stockings or just presents in general! They are such good quality for really low prices. 
I hope you found this helpful. See you soon, Erin x

Friday, 20 November 2015

Must Have Perfumes

I am usually not the girl who gets the latest perfumes but I do have two perfumes that I HAVE to share with you. I do find describing scents difficult though because of how different they can smell on different people so bear with me.
The first one is called BonBon and it came out this year in March. Do you have a sweet tooth? If you do then this is the perfect perfume for you.

Not only is this smell absolutely amazing but the perfume bottle is equally amazing as well. It reminds me of what a little girl would wear and it is so cute!
It is quite a strong smell but it is very long lasting. I usually put it on in the morning and I can still smell when I get back in from school which is 6 hours long. However it is a very expensive perfume, I was lucky enough to get it for my birthday. In my opinion I do think that the perfume is too expensive for the size of it but it is worth it.

Now this is probably one of my most used perfumes. It actually does have a similar smell as BonBon but not as sweet. I think I really have a little pattern here- sweet smells.
The bottle is so sophisticated and pretty. It really would stand out in a perfume collection.
To describe this scent I would say that you could wear it everyday as it is such a desirable smell. However it does not last as long as BonBon, on my skin it only lasts for about 2-3 hours which is disappointing because I love it so much and would want other people to smell it and love it as much as me!

So these are my two perfume must haves! I love them so much and would definitely recommend them!!
Please leave below in the comments what your go to perfume is in the morning...
Follow me for regular posts! See you soon, Erin x

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Real Techniques Core Collection Review

YES OR NO? Are these brushes really worth it?
About a week ago I decided to buy one of the collections of The Real Techniques brushes. All of my other brushes were getting old and I had enough of them. I did really want to purchase some Real Techniques brushes because everyone goes on about them! There are three Real Technique brush collections and when I was looking around The Core Collection would be the one that would suit me best. It comes with four brushes, the buffing brush, the contour brush, the pointed foundation and the detailer brush.                                                             

The Buffing brush:
This is so soft and has so many bristles. It really does feel like a fluffy throw on your face. I use this for my foundation and powder. I do though especially love it to apply my foundation, it blends it in so well and easily. Also with the powder it doesn't make the powder give a cakey finish but more of  a natural finish. I do like how all the brushes have the names of what they do as well. You know for sure what you are supposed to use the brush for. 

The Contour brush:
To be honest I don't really tend to actually properly contour my face. Of course I do use bronzer near enough everyday but I don't use any other contouring kits or products. However when I did use this to do my bronzer, I didn't really like the look it gave on my face. You could hardly see the bronzer and it didn't apply very well. Since then I have not used this brush but I will try it out if I start to get more into contouring. 

The Pointed Foundation brush:
Now this is a brush I do use everyday for school. As I don't wear foundation for school which is mainly because my school does not really allow make-up so we have to make our make-up as natural as possible. On this note actually, does anyone have any recommendations for make-up that looks natural? If anyone does please give me some suggestions in the comments below. Thankyouuuu..
Anyway I use this brush to do my concealer under my eyes and spots on my face. It really does blend well under your eyes and gets all of the darkness under there. I find that it is not as good for spots or redness on the face but still does work.

The Detailer brush: 
 I actually don't know what this brush is used for exactly. Is it used for concealer or the lips or I don't even know?? I do use this brush for my lips however, I put my lip liner on and lipstick and then use this brush to mix them both together. I find that it just gives such a better look and makes the lip liner and lipstick better. This brush really does blend the both together and I love it. Have been non-stop using it!!

I absolutely LOVE love the colour of the brushes as well! Am I the only one who is loving copper at the moment? So in my opinion I do really like the Core Collection. I do think though that some of the brushes are better than the other brushes in the collection just by what they do and how they apply the make-up. I would definitely recommend this collection. It has the brushes that you would use day to day and they don't give an unfinished look. If anyone of you have tried or do use these brushes then please let me know in the comments so I can know what you think of them as well! 
Byee and see you soon x ERIN 

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