Sunday, 20 March 2016

50 Things To Be Happy About

1.) When you wake up at 2 am, look at your phone, and realise you still have more hours to sleep.
2.) The birds singing outside in the morning.
3.) Smelling the pages of a new book.
4.) On a weekend morning, realising that you get a lie-in.
5.) The heat hitting you as you walk off a plane in a sunny place.
6.) Watching a movie that you haven't seen in a while and remembering what happens.
7.) Taking your make up off after a long day.
8.) Cry laughing.
9.) Waking up after a nap and not being moody but feeling refreshed.
10.) Knowing that the day ahead of you is going to be a good day.
11.) Loving someone so much that when there not even there you get butterflies from thinking about them.
12.) Bubble baths, just bubble baths.
13.) Looking through baby photos of yourself.
14.) Chocolate melting in your mouth.
15.) The proud feeling that you get when you have a done a good deed.
16.) Crying into someone's arms.
17.) Laughing to yourself about a funny memory that you have just remembered.
18.) When you can't put a book down.
19.) Forgetting about all the stress that you have for a split-second.
20.) Listening to a song and instantly falling in love with it.
21.) Your feet sinking in the sand.
22.) Wrapping up in a blanket next to the fire.
23.) Visiting family.
24.) Smiling non-stop with your friends.
25.) Being able to do a question in maths.
26.) The wind blowing on your cheeks while walking in the woods.
27.) The noise of opening and closing lipsticks.
28.) Spots that don't leave marks.
29.) Babies laughing.
30.) Dancing to a song on repeat for hours.
31.) Watching a TV show and crying because you are so happy about what has happened.
32.) Finally being able to listen to your favourite singer live and realising that their voice is exactly the same as the recording of their songs.
33.) The day when luck is going your way.
34.) Getting to the top of a hill or mountain and looking at the view.
35.) Being able to love your imperfections.
36.) Having that one ice cold water that you have wanted all day.
37.) Reading a poem or story that you have wrote to someone and seeing their reaction.
38.) Having the motivation to exercise.
39.) Finding a good bargain.
40.) Walking into a room and smelling the candle that you have been burning.
41.) Midnight texts.
42.) Meeting someone new and knowing straight away that you are going to be amazing friends.
43.) The smell of fish and chips.
44.) Going somewhere with low expectations and leaving wanting to come back again.
45.) Dancing till the sun comes up.
46.) Fresh bed sheets.
47.) Serious chats.
48.) Baggy hoodies.
49.) Scents that bring back memories.
50.) And knowing that soon everything will be better.

See you soon,
Erin x

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