Thursday, 17 March 2016

Motivating Tips For Exam Season

Exam season is soon approaching and the strength to carry on revising is running low. So to help you all, I thought I would share a few tips that will help you keep motivated.

Prepare your study space and keep it clean. If your study space is on a desk, make sure the desk is clean and tidy. This will appeal to you more to actually sit down and study then sit down on a cluttered and dirty desk.

Make a reward system for yourself. Once you have finished answering five questions, for example, say to yourself you can have a five minute break or once writing an essay watch an episode of your favourite TV show. This will want you to do revision because you will look forward to your reward at the end.

Listen to classical music. Whenever I listen to music with words while revising I always find that I end up singing the lyrics at the top of voice pretending that I am the star of a concert, however this makes me not concentrate on my work. By listening to classical music it will not only calm you and  make you relaxed but you will be able to focus more as well.

PUT YOUR PHONE ON SILENT. This is probably one of the biggest things that will keep you motivated while revising, not looking on your phone. If you look on your phone while working it will keep you from doing your work for hours and you will be completely distracted.

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